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First year at uni

First year is officially over, I move out today and I'm so excited to be moving home for the summer, the days of waiting around ready to leave are over. Thank goodness! I am happy to be home, fees nice to be somewhere i've spent most of my life.

First year has been amazing! Majority of my flat mates have been lovely and I am already missing them and can't wait to move in for second year and do it all over again. It's a bitter sweet feeling moving out. My room was my own, decorated how I wanted, I cleaned it when I wanted and I got to buy everything for myself. Obviously I still do that at home but it's my mums house so I can't decide everything which I will miss. I guess you get used to living a certain way so it's all an adjustment. I packed everything a week ago because I am stupidly organised so It will be nice to have stuff again! I have a few post's I want to write actually, what i've learnt, moving to a city.. things like that. Sort of a tips post or along those lines! One thing I will say is that I will be glad to get into a routine again. I've spent my nights binging Netflix or playing the sims and sleeping in and then repeating the process. I have also done some serious shopping damage because it is the only entertainment I have had haha!

This year has been a huge learning curve for me, I have always been independent so moving out wasn't the issue, I am capable of looking after myself. But having to financially support myself to some extent was a huge shock. How expensive are things like cheese and mouthwash?! It's daylight robbery. Also if you're moving into halls doing your washing will probably bankrupt you! But at then end of the year I can look back and see that I have had two different jobs, the latter being amazing and I am lucky I got to work with the amazing people there. The first one not so much.. It gave me experience though.

But now I am back I will be daily blogging again and putting all of my efforts into my blog and youtube channel which I am looking forward too. Along with a few trips away and other exciting things planned.

Speak to you tomorrow!

Olivia x

Nip and Fab Cleansing pads - Review

Possibly one of the best skincare products I have ever picked up and used, within the first few days of trying them out I became obsessed and I haven't been changing it up since which is what I usually like to do as i've never found the right product. My mum actually had them before and told me how amazing they are! The nip and Fab glycolic cleansing pads come in two forms, theres a day time pot and a nighttime pot which is slightly more concentrated. 

They come in pots with 60 pads in each so they last basically two months which is amazing, they are already soaked in the liquid so they are ready at hand and easy to use! They're perfect for travelling in my opinion, just because you don't have to remember loads of products, it'a all there! I have been using them after my shower when I have used a cleanser or face wash as I feel that's how they work to their best ability. Sort of like a toner I guess but I am still trying to work out what everything is used for... They dry really quickly and leave the skin feeling really soft and not sticky which I have found with some products that you leave on your face. After I have used one I let it sink in and then I apply a moisturiser to rehydrate my skin as glycolic acid can be drying. The pads come with a textured side which I use first to gently exfoliate the surface, then I flip it over and use the smoother side. 

The aim of using the glycolic fix day pads is to boost the radiance of the skin which I noticed straight away, within a week or two my skin looked healthier and brighter when I woke up which made me feel ready for the day. it has 2.8% of the acid in the pads which helps to retexture and surface the skin by gently exfoliating, I prefer this was as it's not as harsh as using scrubs. It also has witch hazel to tone the skin.

The night time pads contain 5% glycolic acid which is a lot higher then the day time, it is there to further enhance the benefits, they have been created to be the ultimate night treatment to refine pores and also brighten the completion. I have oily to combination skin which means I do get breakouts but since I have been using these as part of my daily routine I have noticed a massive difference in how often my skin freaks out.

Have you tried anything from the Nip and Fab skincare range? 

Olivia x

Shepreth Wildlife Park Photos

The trip to Shepreth wildlife park was a good few months ago now but for some reason I never got round to posting the experience, I had all of the photos ready but it just sat in my drafts. I hope you dont't mind but I am impressed with these photos and don't want them to go to waste! This wildlife park is on the smaller side but had some cool animals and I enjoyed walking round, it passed a few hours so I would recommend it as a day out! It is a few stops over on the train from Cambridge if you are from around that area and have never been it could be something new to try. 

How gorgeous is this little fellow. 

That grin though! I was so happy that I managed to capture this because he kept closing and opening his moth quickly!

Me on a Monday... 

This pair was so adorable, they were running around and chasing each other, managed to get a few snaps of them posing together!

A baby meerkat!

They had tigers which I was surprised at because I thought it was just a place with smaller animals, they were sleeping but I managed to get this through the window!

They had a walk through area full of fluffy bunnies. 

This is more of a photo post but I want to keep switching things up so you don't get bored! they have more animals but these are just a few of my favourites that I managed to get. After working at a wildlife park for 3 years now It's always amazing to see the animals from other parks. 

Olivia x