Getting fitter

I didn't know what to post as my first blog, so I thought about what I've done recently. I've always been on 'diets' since year 9 after I reached my highest weight of 12st,  I was a size 14 and this made me want to loose weight and fast. I am now a size 10 and in year 11 so I am not an expert in diets and exercise.

This year on the first of January I wanted to start eating healthily, I didn't say it was a diet as that make me think that I have to skip out foods that I like. I started by cutting out fizzy drinks as I don't
really like them, this helped me loose a few pounds but not a great deal happened.

So on the last few weeks of January I looked into joining a gym, but then I thought to myself would I really go. After thinking about it I decided to buy the '30 day shred' this workout DVD is made up of three levels to do over 30 days, all you need is some hand weights and a mat to work out on. The levels are split into 3 sections of abs cardio and strength, this is a total of 20 minutes.

This has literally changed my views of healthy eating and exercise, I look forward to working out and I still eat the foods I love. I have 3 main meals a day and I have a am snack and a pm snack, I also get one treat a day so that I don't over indulge on unhealthy food, I have found that this really works, so far I have lost 6lb and have toned up.

I hope this helps any of you that are struggling with healthy eating, but just remember that you can still eat and get the figure you want.

The right picture was taken at the start of my 30 day shred, the left was after 11 days and only 8 workouts,
 i pushed myself to get the results a i wanted.