Primark nails

Hello, so recently I went shopping and I thought I would Check out Primarks new makeup and nails range. As it is half term I thought I would try a pack out, I bought two I got some girly ones with polka dot and bows on and also some really pretty strawberry nails. As they were only a pound I didn't expect much so I have been wearing them for almost a week, they have not fallen off and they still look amazing. I have used false nails before and I didn't really like them as I could feel them on my nails, they were also far too long so I struggled to do normal things.
The Primark nails are a perfect length and they feel real, when I am wearing them I can't tell I have them on.
I have been complimented so many times by people as I am wearing them and they are shocked that they were only a pound, they have loads of styles from french manicure to patterned nails. They both are excellent for summer to add detail to an outfit or even just to feel a little bit glamorous without going to too much effort.

cant believe i got these for only two pounds
Trying them out!
Polka dot and bow baby pink and white false nails, they are so adorable

strawberry nails, so cute and look so realistic.
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