They're real?

I have recently added a new item to my benefit collection, they had an offer on a few weeks back so if you spent over £30 you would get your makeup done for free. So as I did I had my free makeup and I loved it! The lady that did my makeup was amazing! She was really nice and so helpful, I got to try new items that I haven't tried before so I decided to buy one of the best things she used.

As you can guess by the title yes it is the mascara that everybody talks about, in fact 1 is sold every 3 seconds. At first I was sceptical about spending so much but the change was just amazing, I usually curl my lashes first and then apply but honestly with this I don't need to do that.

Everything they say is absolutely true it adds loads of volume, the length is really good, lashes really do look false. If you are looking to buy a new mascara I would defiantly recommend benefits there real, the staff are always so helpful and it really does work. £19.50 may seem a lot but it is defiantly worth it! :-)

Olivia xo