50 Facts about me..

1. My name is Olivia.
2. I am sixteen years old. :)
3. I am doing physiology, Sociology and Medical Science at A level.
4. I love dogs sooo much and i have two of my own.
5. Collecting makeup is my hobby.
6. My favorite colours are baby blue and pink.
7. My favorite food is sushi.
8. I always look online at clothes that i can't afford and put them into the basket anyway.
9. My favorite films are '500 days of summer' and 'perks of being a wallflower' .
10. My favorite book has to be 'The fault in our stars' but i haven't seen the film yet.
11. I am super organised and love things to be tidy and clean.
12. I am a clean freak, my room is never messy.
13. I am right handed.
14. I have massive feet (size 9) and struggle to find nice shoes that fit :(.
15. I love swimming and being in water.
16. This year i went on holiday and jumped of a cliff.
17. I am terrified of heights, so the above fact was challenging for me .
18. I only like green or peppermint tea.
19.I have never broken a bone. (Touch wood)
20. I love getting dressed up and having nice hair and makeup.
21. I also love duvet days and staying in comfy clothing.
22. I love autumn, its my favorite season. 
23. I get really excited for Christmas.
24. Every morning i have to set about 5 alarms just to make sure i wake up on time.
25. I always spend my money, i struggle to save up for things.
26. I have had a major fear of spiders since i was abut 6/7.
27. I am rubbish at texting back, i can never be bothered or just forget to reply.
28. I have never ever smoked.
29. I know how to play twinkle twinkle little star on a ukulele.
30. I like getting up early to make the most of the day. 
31. I am a shopaholic, i just love getting new clothes of makeup.
32. I love interior decorating, i find it fun planning how a space will look.
33. My room is full of random DIY projects i have tried to make it look unique. 
34. I get scared really easily.
35. I absolutely hate scary movies but have seen quite a few.
36. I want to do cam America after sixthform.
37. And then go to uni or join the RAF.
38. I have brown hair and brown eyes.
39. I love watching youtubers or netflix when i get home from school.
40. Paragliding in Turkey is one of the best things i have ever done.
41. I have swam with Dolphins.
42. When i am older i would like to go traveling around the world. 
43. I dont like going on rollercosters, i get scared they will break. 
44. I really dont like swimming in the sea.
45. I have a hamster called autumn, i got her in september (original name)
46. I love candles, especially sweet sentered ones.
47. I try to exercise daily.
48. My pet hate is when people cant make conversation. I despise it.
49. I hate odd numbers.
50. I love singing but i sound awful.

Thank you for reading these very uninteresting facts about me, now that i have finished of course i can think of thousands more but it is too much to change any. I am super lazy, so now im just going to watch youtube videos and do nothing:) 

Olivia xo