Chocolate cookies

Recently i have been in love with baking, especially cookies, i think that they are so simple but are one of the nicest things to bake. I don't follow a specific recipe i just used one from a magazine and adapted it to make my own. 

250g / 9oz flour  
300g / 10.6oz of chocolate.
150g / 5.3oz unsalted butter
250g / 8.8oz of caster sugar
2tsp  vanilla extract 
1 or 2 eggs

Preheat the oven to 180c / gas mark 4
Line a baking tray 

1. I add the sugar and the butter into a mixing bowl and mix until the mixture is soft and creamy.

2. I then add the flour and egg/s. It is up to you how many you use, i have made this recipe a few times and depending on how thick the mixture is i usually add another one. At this point i also add the vanilla extract and give it a good mix until the mixture has formed a dough.

3. This is the best part, time to add the chocolate, i usually use three bars, this can be any chocolate you like. I personally use two bars of milk and one bar of white chocolate, i find that this tastes the best.

4. After everything is mixed together i like to spoon out even amounts of mixture onto a baking tray, it is up to you on how big you make them. From this recipe i usually make 12-14 as i like to make large cookies.

5. When you are happy with the shape it is now time to put them into the oven. I usually cook them for 15-20 minutes as i like them to just be done, if you prefer them a different way you can keep them in for longer. If they are not cooked at this point i usually place them back in for 5 more minutes as i think that it makes a big difference. Also you don't want them to burn!

6. Now they are done, you can sit down and relax with a plate of cookies, Hope you enjoy!