Monthly Favorites - August

I thought i would start doing monthly favorites of things that i have been loving as i find them interesting to read. so this month i wrote a list of items i have been loving throughout the month of august.

1- The fist thing i have been loving is "got2b Beach Matt mermaid look texturing salt spray" i have been away from home a lot recently and i have found that this product makes my hair look nice and effortless. all i do is wake up and brush my hair then spray this evenly. Then i just play around until i get the look i am after, i find this works better on my hair if i haven't washed it for a day as it helps hold the beach waves better.

2- so another product i have been absolutely loving this month is "The body shop liquid eye liner" i find that if i don't want to wear full eye makeup i can pop this on and it still looks great. i especially like this eye liner as it dries to look like pencil it doesn't look  heavy on the eyes. The applicator is great as well and leaves an even amount of the product on the lid.

3- Thirdly this month another product from the body shop i have been loving is "All in one BB cream" i love wearing this product as i don't like wearing heavy foundation in the summer and i find that this gives an even coverage. I have tried lots of BB creams and i find that some of them just don't last, where as i have found with this one it can be layered if you feel like a bit more coverage.

             *However i would say that this product is very dark, i have been on holiday and 02 is still fairly dark after a tan.

4- The last product i have been loving this month is Garnier "Fresh Eye Make-up Remover" I struggled to find an eye make-up remover the didn't sting my eyes so i thought i would try this. i have sensitive eyes and this is one of the fist products i have found that doesn't irritate them when i remove make-up. So if you have sensitive eyes and struggle to find products i would strongly recommend this.


                                                                      Olivia xo