New Term

Going back to school can be sad as its the end of the holidays, However school shopping can be great. I especially love choosing new stationary for the year ahead. 

Being organised is also a massive part of being successful and staying on track with everything, so here are a few ways of staying organised.

1. The first one is simple and easy, I bought a pencil holder and some coloured rocks, i then poured the rocks into the pencil holder to fill about three quarters of the pot. Then i grabbed any stationary i will be using for school and placed them into the pot. The rocks will support the pens and hold them into place. This will look great on a desk or vanity.

2. I also bought a notepad planner, this will help me to stay organised as i can write things down in the different sections so i can stay on track with course work. I have placed this on my desk so that i can see it everyday. This is a very simple and effective way of staying on top of everything.

3. Packing your bags the night before save a lot of time in the morning, we all love a lay-in so this will Maximize amount of sleep you can get. (always a bonus) Also if you pack everything you need the night before it will mean that you wont forget anything that you will need for the next day.

4. Using cute dishes will glam any stationary up, I used a simple bowl i received as a gift and stored my paperclips in it, This was a much better way of storing them and making them look neater and more acceptable when i am working. You can even chose dishes that mach the style of your room and really make the idea your own.

5. I also used a Elegant Pencil holder to store sharpies,this is so that they are to hand whenever i need a bit of colour, this idea also looks super cute on a desk to accessorize stationary and to add a bit of decoration as well as being useful.

These are just a few helpful tips that i use to stay well organised and to make sure that i always have what i need for the next day. 

Olivia xo