Viaje Mexicano

This year I have been lucky enough to go back to Mexico, this time was a big eye opener to see how lucky I am. I can't remember much about my first trip as I was only 10 so I decided to take more of an interest to the area outside of the hotel resort.

Don't get me wrong the hotel we stayed in was absolutely amazing, however when we left the resort it was a whole different story. I wanted my blog to be about beauty and not just about makeup, while I was there I realized that beauty can come from the areas around us.

The local town was the place that really opened my eyes, seeing the poverty of people's life's and how much they depend on us as tourists really shocked me.

The thing I learnt after seeing this is that we don't need all of the material products to make us happy, we just assume we do. What we actually need is to realize how lucky we are. :-)

I'm not saying that we should give up buying things that we love or feel guilty, but next time you feel like you annoyed or upset that you can't afford a new lipstick just think that it will be more worth it after saving up.

Olivia xo