Short hair care

At the beginning of September I really wanted to do something with my hair, so I decided to get it cut and have the ends lightened. However this took a lot of getting used to as I had to change my hair care routine.

After having it bleached my hair started to feel dry at the ends so i decided to try a new shampoo and conditioner, The L'Oreal Ever Pure, this has no sulfates in it so it is great for your hair and causes no damage at all. I have also found that this has helped my hair return to its natural softness.

I also use a build up removal shampoo twice a month, this is just to make sure that my hair is extra clean and in the best condition, this is not a necessary step for everyone i just feel like it refreshes my hair.

The last step i do to ensure my hair is in a good condition is by using a heat protection. I use the got2b range as i like a lot of the products. But you can use any that you want to use, I never really dry my hair I let it dry naturally over night as I want to prevent any heat damage.

Olivia xo