50 days...

Hi everyone
So this is an extra blog post I will be doing every Friday but I thought that I would start my initial post today! I have taken it upon myself that I want to get fitter. I don't necessarily want to loose weight I want to tone up and improve my strength.
I want everyone or anyone who reads this who struggles with body confidence to join me on my 50 day journey, Even if you want to be more confident with your skin I want the next two months to count so we can be happy with ourselves in 2015! 

You may find it strange to be starting something like this on the 4rd of November but any time is the starting point for change! So please if you are unhappy with anything about yourself join me on my journey and start your own.

I will be posting updates or fitness related posts every Friday on my progress as this is what I am going to be focusing on, If you want to follow and do your own blog posts please let me know so I can see everyone else progress!!

Feeling confident in 51 days.

Until next time 
Wednesday 5th November

Olivia xo