Pamper Evening

Hello Everyone!

So Recently as its been getting colder inside I have been paying more attention to my skin, this is because the weather has changed and my skin has been all kinds of crazy.

The First step on a pamper evening is to take off my makeup, I use the Garnier range as I personally find that these products work best. I use the Micellar water on my face and then the eye makeup remover for my eyes obviously and for my lips as well.

I then like to light a candle my favorite at the minute is Christmas cookie, It is really relaxing and makes the whole house smell AMAZING!

 Then Comes bath time, for this occasion I used my little lush pud bath bomb. It makes me so happy, just look at it, it's so bright and colorful and smells really relaxing. 

After my bath and my skin has had a chance to breath because of the steam I like to apply a face mask, this is just to deep clean my skin and help brighten it up as I notice in the winter it starts to look dull because of the harsh weather.

My second to last step is using my Effaclar Duo+ moisturizer, This really helps to brighten skin and help clear any imperfections!

Last but not least is using lip balm, no one likes dry cracked lips so it is important to keep them hydrated especially in winter!

As well as all of this I wash my hair and clean myself as usual but I thought I would show you some of the things I like to do on the weekends when I have a bit more time to relax and wind down after a long busy week.

Thank you for reading today's post!
Until Wedesday, 

Olivia xo