Room Tour

So I thought that I would do a room look-book type thing, Obviously I cant film it on my blog so this is the closest I can get! So here is a sneak peak into my room. 

My room is only small so the furniture is there to maximize the amount of space. 

* I used a milkshake cup and some decorative sand to store my makeup brushes! This keeps them in place and also looks lovely on display. 

On my desk I have a mirror and some pens, I don't really have any decoration as I like it to look simple.
I also have one of the white and blue storage boxes from Ikea on my draws to store all of my products that I use daily so that they are to hand easily.

 This is almost a cheat DIY I used a flux fur rug and placed it over an office chair, this adds a simple elegance to something that would look usually boring.

Adding Fairly lights to a simple bed frame is also a really cute way of adding your own touch and decoration. You could use any type to really make it your own.

Thank you for looking around my room with me, I hope this will give a few of you some ideas on how to decorate a small space or even to add a bit of something to an area you are not happy with.

Until next time
Wednesday 5th November!

Olivia xo