Visibly clear

Hello again everyone!

As probably most girls have, iv used thousands of products out there claiming to clear skin and prevent oils. Thousand of times iv been let down as the latest product yet again doesn't work. Until I saw Visibly clear pink grapefruit facial wash on the shelf. It stood out to me as it's pink so I automatically picked it up and thought id give it a go.

So i have been using this for a few weeks now and i have noticed visibly a big difference. I use 1 pump in the morning to refresh my skin and it makes it look so much brighter and awake. Then i use 1 pump at night to remove my makeup and then a second to clean any excess of. This has left my skin feeling so much better already after two weeks.

I have also noticed less redness and fewer blemishes already, Previously this has never happens when i have tried other face products, so this has been a big win for me.

Olivia xo