Countdown to London

Hello everyone!
 It's 5 days until I go to London so I thought I would document my week counting down till the day I leave.


The sound of my alarm awakes me from my slumber every morning, I have a very chirpy sound to try and wake me in a positive mood to face the day. However this doesn't always work as well it's the morning and i'v been woken up haha!

I go to school and today I only had three lessons so this makes Mondays so much better. 

When I get home I usually do any chores that are waiting to be done around the house, this is usually while I make myself a cup of tea as it's a time to relax after school. Then I walk my dog as a way to fit in any exercise into my daily routine and to wind down even more. After this I go home and take off my makeup, I hate wearing it in the house I feel like a have a mask on even though I love doing my makeup it does annoy me. 

After school work is done I like to get into bed and chill out usually watching YouTube videos or catching up on reading some blogs. I love to light a candle and put on some fairly lights to really settle down for the evening.

Olivia xo