A Wrap Of Joy

Hello Everyone!

So as much as I love buying things to spoil my friends and family I really enjoy wrapping presents! 
So this year I decided to go with a theme and thought I would show you what I use to make them look as pretty as possible. 

As you can see my theme this year is blue and white with a hint of silver, I did this so that it colour co-ordinated with my room.

You will need: 
Wrapping paper
A gift of choice

These are just a few decoration ideas on how I decorated my room!
The dear are actually baubles that i just stood up on my dresser

And of course we are never too old to have an advent calendar!
This one just screams Christmas!

Here is the final product, i wrapped the present as usual and then chose tome silver ribon to compliment the colours on the wrapping paper. 
I then tied a bow with the label to hold it into place and tucked it into the side!

Until next time 

Olivia xo