No more rubish

Hello Everyone!

So I haven't updated much as part of fitness Friday so I quickly wrote this post to motivate us for the last few days before festivity begins!
So When I started this fitness journey I realized how much rubbish I ate! 

The pictures above are just a few things I personally used to eat! 
So recently I have been taking pictures of anything I eat so that the next time I look at my photos it will show me if I have been eating well or need to cut back. I think this has really helped me as I find you can track what you eat and not just push it out of your memory.

I have noticed a big difference about eating healthily I have tones of energy all of the time!
Along with eating right I have been drinking 2 liters of water or more a day, This has made massive changes to my skin it has just been so clearer and brighter looking. 

So for the last few days before Christmas we should all eat clean ready for the large amount of food that we will all be eating this season. That way we don't have to  feel as guilty after haha!

Olivia xo