Blend Active

Hello Everyone!
My favorite piece of equipment is this blender. O M G I never thought I would love making smoothies as much as I do when using this. 
I was a bit disappointed as it only comes in one colour haha, but I suppose that's just being picky. That is the ONLY fault with this product otherwise it is amazing.

As you can see for the images you fill the bottle with whatever you want to to blend, add the blender attachment and flip upside down into the holder. BLEND and then take off and swap the blend attachment for a lid and you're on your way.

Wow can we all take a minute for that amazing description!.. Nope don't think i'll be winning any awards soon either. 

It is really that simple, You can make whatever you want whenever you want and take it on the go to be super healthy. 

Olivia xo

ps, I hope you liked my pink smoothie its my favorite kind. It just looks so pretty!