Girly Gift Ideas!

Hello again everyone!

I am going away this weekend so i decided to do Sundays post today instead!

So its that time of year where everyone exchanges gifts in celebration at Christmas, I have been looking around at gifts for my friends and I really struggle to think of anything that they would like. But it got me thinking and we don't have to spend loads of money on people close to us, just find something they may like and it will mean just as much to them.

Idea number 1

It your friend is not into beauty you could buy her a nice candle, they last along time, there is a massive verity to suit everyone and they also look  pretty.

Smaller candles are a great idea because you could buy a few and decorate them nicely in nice packaging and ribbon.

Number 2

Sticking with the fragrance theme, Perfume is also a great idea, I managed to find a few sets of miniatures, this gives them a variety to pick from and is also a great way for them to try out a few new ones at a time.

Number 3

If you have bought them a bigger present but still have money left over or you just want to buy them something small, How about lip balms. They are always needed and there are so many types out there, This is something I think a friend would like as they can really make use of them.

Number 4 

Or if you have no idea what to buy a friend a Mac lipstick is always great! There are so many to choose from you could really buy something that they would like, and they are somewhat a luxury lipstick.

*Mac red + syrup          

Number 5

Getting a friend makeup brushes if they are into makeup would be a great gift idea, a girl can never have too many brushes!

Number 6

Lush gift sets, there are so many to chose from and they come pre-gift wrapped!

Hope everyone is ready for Christmas!
Next post will be up on Wednesday 17th
See you then.

Olivia xo