How to find the perfect gift

Hello everyone!

So its that time of year again where we spend out money on gifts for our loved ones.
I find it super difficult finding the right present for the right person so  thought of a few ideas to make it easier to pick.

My first idea is choosing something that you know they like, if they like makeup or beauty related products chose something along them lines so that you can be sure they would appreciate it.

My second idea is looking at things they have and seeing if you can find anything related to that. If they like cooking you could find a new type of recipe book to get them to try something new.

The third idea is go shopping with them! If you don't know what to get your friends for Christmas go shopping and observe what they look at, this can be helpful a they wont guess that your looking what to get them for a gift but it is an easy to find out what they like/want.

My forth and final idea is if you have a large group of friends to buy for do a secret Santa. This will make it a whole lot easier to buy only one person a present as you only have one choice to make. It will also make it a cheaper Christmas.

Olivia xo