Going bare

Hello everyone 

I'm all for tying new products but when it comes to foundation I have always used a liquid formula until recently. 

My outlook on makeup has changed haha! I went out shopping to replace my current foundation product and stumbled across the bare minerals counter, I have never really been one to even look at these products.

I recieved a kit from this brand at Christmas so I decided it was time to check out any other products and the woman recommended the foundation. At first I was apprehensive as it is a powder but after trying it on in store I took the plunge and decided to buy the original powder.

At £25 it is fairly expensive compared the the usual drugstore brands but I can assure you it lasts along time so it is definatly worth the money! I bought mine at the end of December and haven't even noticed a difference in the amount.

Since buying this product I haven't needed to top up or used powder throughout the day, it stays put very well! However I do use a primer underneath as I find it gives a more even and flawless coverage. 
The comments I have had have also made this product worth buying as people are always saying how lovely my skin/makeup looks during the day.

I hope this has helped anyone wondering about trying a powder foundation,  I honestly can tell a massive difference and it sets to look like a liquid foundation anyway. 

Thankyou for reading today's post.
Olivia xo