A Vamped up Valentines look

Hey Everyone!

So  I decided to use my new naked 3 pallet to create this neutral day to vamped night look for valentines day.
I had loads of fun making this as you can see below. Hope you enjoy and can replicate something similar!

You will need: 



Lets Get Started 

For the day - 

I used a base of the bare minerals powder foundation, 
Today I used the new benefit Roller lash mascara because it creates really fluttery lashes.
Then I used my mac concealer under my eyes to complete the look.
Then my hula bronzer to lightly contour and the rockateur blush!
I also primed my eyes the the urban decay primer potion. 

Then Its the fun part! Adding colour

1.) Take limit and place all over the lid
2.) Using nooner gently outline the crease, build this up until you are happy with the definition.
3.) Taking darkside add this just above the crease and again build up until you have the perfect amount.
4.) Blend your heart away, there is no such thing as over blending. The look wants to look Blended and elegant, ready for a day of romance if you have someone to share it with, if not just use this look to impress yourself.  

For the night - 

Follow the steps as before and then add to the eye makeup to create a darker more intense smokey eye! 
5.) To make this intense look follow the next few steps, if not skip to step 9!
6.) Add Blackhert just above the crease on top of the Darkside shade we used earlier, This will definitely smoke things up!
7.)Make sure to blend out as it is a very dark colour and you don't want harsh lines to be prominent. 
8.) For this step take either Dust, Burnout or Buzz on a fluffy brush and compact it onto the lid, On top of Limit we used earlier. Add as much or as little glitter as you want to recreate this look.
9.) Line your eyes with any liner of your choice, I used the soap and glory super cat eye liner.
 10.) Enjoy valentines day!

To finish off this look I plaited my hair In a chunky inverted Plait to make it really stand out!

Add a lipstick of your choice, for this look I used a Revlon colourburst matte balm in the colour 205 Elusive and Revlon lipbutter in the colour 096 Macaroon

Thank-you for reading today
Happy valentines day and I hope you all have a great one!

Olivia xo