Book review

Hey everyone! 

I'm hooked, as one of my resolutions for 2015 was to read at least one book a month, so far I'm slacking haha.

I started girl online in January and I'm sure most of you will have read it. If you haven't where have you been?! It took me a while to read because it took me a ages to get into reading again as I haven't read much recently. But after a while I got hooked, like a fish on a line.

This is a feel good romance story but with a great meaning behind it. It may aswell be a girls guide to high school as I'm sure most of us have been through Similar  situations! It studies anxiety, panic attacks,  dealing with nasty girls, boys, losing friends, and the Internet.  

The media can be a very harsh place if you go off the rails and manage to upset someone with your opinion and I think zoe has perfectly shown this throughout.  
It gives an important message to never give up, to listen to your heart and to face up to fears. Even if this book is aimed at younger teenagers I think most adults could relate to this also. 

They are a few reasons I have loved this book because it is not just the same old girl meets boy with complications story line.  

Do go ahead and purchase this book if you haven't already and enjoy the happiness it delivers throughout!

Olivia xo