De-cluttering - Less Is More.

I have heard many youtubers/bloggers giving tips and saying how the new 'trend' is less is more. I have taken this into consideration and tried it to create a less stressful more cleansed lifestyle. I started with STUFF, everyone has been a victim of hording things at some point. If you think you haven't then you are probably doing it right now. 

I started by going through every box, shelf, draw and wardrobe in my room and placed everything onto my bed. Yes it looks messy but it helps you see everything you stash away so that it is hidden. From doing this I realized how much 'stuff' I actually owned.

Tip one: 
Grab three large containers if you have them (or just section your room into piles) and give them a name. eg) Bin, Give away, Keep. This will help keep the whole process organised and easier to carry out. 

When everything is in piles and you have sorted through everything completely remove the bin section, this will help you as it wont be a temptation. Once its gone there isn't a reason to go reach for it again.  Bag the give away items into categories if you are giving them to charity as it will make it easier for the shop to sort through.Then you will be left with a pile of keep items, Place this back onto the bed as you did before and go through it again, doing the same sort of structure. 

Tip 2:
This will help remove everything you don't actually need as the first time you may keep things because you can't let go. It is much easier the second time. 

Tip 3: 
Go in with an open mind. Think of how much better the place will look after it has been de-cluttered. 

Now you can go and enjoy the simplicity of the new and organised space!

I hope that these spring cleaning tips helped and work for you! They worked form me and I feel like I have a tone of space. 

Olivia x