De-Cluttering - Wardrobe wars!

Go to your wardrobe or closest whatever you know it as and open the doors to make sure you can get a good look. Is it cluttered to the top with piles of clothes or clothes that are not on hangers? Mine was and I was ashamed haha! So I took everything out, every item of clothing I own and placed it onto my bed. 

Separate the clothes into category piles, Eg - Tops, Jeans.. and so on.  Now it will make it so much easier to see what you own. From this you could separate them even more to things you wear and haven't worn in a while, be strict!! Then place everything you have worn or that you are keeping back into the wardrobe. 

From this point you should go through the items you haven't worn very often and see if you would wear any of it. Then Whatever you have left take it to a charity shop or somewhere that you can take clothes to that will go to a new home. 

Now you will have a clean and organised wardrobe and it will be so much easier to see what you own. 

1.) Place coat hangers the opposite way to normal and then every time you wear something place them back in the other direction, after a few weeks/moths go back and see what hasn't changed then you will know if you wear it or not. 

2.) See what you have before you go shopping, do we really need 10 tops in the same colour? 
(I am a sucker for doing this)

3.) Plan outfits, this will make you want to wear something more if you have something to pair it with. 

I hope you enjoyed the second post about de-cluttering, This is a challenge I have set myself, so I hope you can learn some tips if it is something you would like to participate in. 

The fist of the series:

Olivia xo