Motivation March - Getting started

I tried fitness Friday and I sucked, I failed after a week, I found it boring and too structured. So i'm going to set myself some goals this month to stay motivated. Only simple ones just to get active, outside and fitter. 

1.) Get outside at least once a day, Even if its just walking home after school, I want to get more fresh air and less laying in bed.

2.)Complete the six pack challenge on my iPad, I want to get started and keep at it. Not just to quit after a few days. I WANT RESULTS.

3.) Drink at least two liters a day of water. The benefits are unbelievable so why not? 

4.) Get up earlier to go for a run, I want to do couch to 5k and complete the whole thing!.

Here are my rules for the month. I will be doing progress throughout with how I am doing. Comment bellow 4 rules you are setting yourself for the month if you want to join in! It's like a mini month resolutions. 

Olivia x