No7 Cleansing Brush

Holy wow! 
I struggle with blemish prone/combination skin, if you also have this problem I feel your pain! I started to look into a face cleansing brush to see if it would make any difference. The Clarisonic became a favorite chose of mine but they are really expensive for what is really a spinning flannel!
If you have one im not trying to be offensive I would love one but it is a lot of money when it might not actually do anything.  

I looked around on other blogs and found that the No7 boots cleansing brush is similar. 

It has two speeds 
1.) I would say is for a gentle everyday cleanse day and night
2.) I would say that it is more of an exfoliating speed, It is great for getting silky smooth skin!

Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on at the time so I also purchased two spare heads for the brush and the melting gel cleanser, WOW! This is good. It starts as a gel and as you rub into the face it melts into an oil and takes off any makeup. Then when you add water it turns into a milky consistency, almost like a moisturizer and leaves your skin feeling fully bare.

- As a side note - 

At first I found the cleansing brush to leave my skin feeling really tight, but after a few times using it I have never felt this again. I have been using it for over a month and it just needs some practice getting the pressure correct. 
It is not harsh on the skin, your face just takes some adjusting to the deep cleaning!

Olivia x