Training my hair?

If you have read this far you may be wondering what on earth am I on about, how can hair be trained? Well I am in the process of making it last between washes. For many people hair can last up to three days before needing to be washed but mine is the complete opposite! So I decided to put my foot down (firmly) and stick to washing it every other day. OH MY GOODNESS it is hard at first but the results, WOW! You may be thinking why is she so happy, but going from washing it every day to every other day is a god send, I will never go back to them dark days haha.

But seriously if you struggle with the same problem you should totally try it, it's been a month now and some days I can keep it. Going for three days which is ridiculous. It has made me feel confident knowing it still looks clean at the end of the day. Dry shampoo will quickly become your best friend, and second day hair is great, there. Is so much more volume and it doesn't need styling because it will be the same as yesterday. (Apart from brushing obviously!)

If you have any tips feel free to leave them below and if you have done something similar how did you cope?

Olivia xo