Forrest Holliday

Now that I am back at home it is simply just a case of looking back at the array of pictures that I took on our break away to a log cabin in the depths of a beautiful Forrest. There is something about the fresh air away from any traffic and the bustling of a town that is so peaceful and relaxing! Along with the endless bird calls and a flurry of small creatures that visited our cabin during and the walks around the area, it created a wonderful break away.

The log cabin was set in the depths of the Forrest away from all urbanization, the peace and quiet was bliss.

Along with the great views came the hot tub, the best part of the week away.

The wildlife around the cabin was pretty spectacular.

There are plenty of activities to do while away, They even cater for the smallest of visitors. 

 A selection of food from the week

Here is just a small selection of the photos from the week, It was so relaxing to get away for a while and just forget about everything.