Skincare is not the same for everyone as we all have different skin types, But for me I have spent the last few months trying new products and I have found a handful that have really made a difference. I have oily/combination skin so If you are similar maybe check a few of these products out!

I fist take a cotton ball with some Micellar cleansing water to remove most of my makeup before I wash my face.

I then wash my face with the Effaclar purifying foaming gel, With this product you only need a small amount and it lathers up really well and makes your face feel squeaky clean

A few times a week I like to scrub my face to make it feel extra clean, This apricot scrub is the only one I have actually liked. Unlike many I have tried this one feels like its actually something.

Time to use toner, I use this to make sure my face is extra clean after I have washed it and before I moisturize. 

Depending on how my skin feels I will chose on of these moisturizers, I use the Effaclar duo+ in the morning as it is a light base and I use the night cream only at night if my skin is really dry. Otherwise I use the simple moisturizer at night just to re-hydrate my skin.

Last but not least I use Vaseline with Aloe Vera to ensure the my lips are smooth and soft.

Olivia x