Makeup collection

My name is olivia and my problem is collecting makeup.

So I decided that I am going to share my makeup collection. I have recently organised it into clear muji draws. *My collection Is not as big as many but I don't think this is a small amount either as realistically I do only have one face.

I store my makeup in these acrylic storage units and then I store my brushes in blue glasses that I got from Ikea.

My pallet collection is only just starting...

I find how many face products I have is crazy! This much for one face... Really?!

I only use my sleek brow kit as it has everything I need in one.

I have a few single shadows and a handful of tester eye primers as I stick to my Mac paint pot

These are all my non-lipstick products such as gloss, pencils and balms.

The essentials for super soft lips

Blushes In every shade of pink you can imagine 

For the bronze look

Last but not least my skin care products that I have in tester size, just the selection that I am trying out to see If I like them. 

'Money cant't buy happiness, but it can buy makeup'

Olivia x