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As I type this, it is exactly 9 hours since I began the journey home from Turkey. I am currently laid in bed under a heap of blankets and pillows trying to stay warm after spending two weeks in high temperatures. I can say that it is a slight shock to the system. As I look out of the window at the grey, miserable and damp weather that England seems to adopt I have decided to post some of the pictures from my holiday. This is mainly so that I can look back and see what I did and the memories that were created, while trying to cheer myself up. Hope you enjoy!

 It was the the most picture perfect setting, white paint and stone Villas upon a hill surrounded by woodland, This created the most amazing setting far away from the bustling town and villages but close enough to go and explore.  

 we arrived in the evening so I couldn't resist the perfect photo opportunity to catch the last minutes of the sunset over the sea.

The first of many cocktails that I sampled while we were away.

No doubt the coolest drink holders! They were definitely a fun addition to the pool.

During the 12 days we had a few turtle visitors, this was amazing to be so close to them and even to hold one. They surprised me at how heavy they are but they are so calm and chilled, They just go about life in their little tortoise shell.

This is the villa complex, The view from my bedroom on the left and the right is the view as you walked out of our front gate.

I am a massive animal lover and one day this little guy followed us home meowing, He came into our villa and we felt too bad for him so we gave him a bowl of milk and some chicken and he just slept on this blanket for a while. He left in the evening but we felt happy that we gave this little kitty at least on afternoon of happiness.

One of our favorite places for breakfast with a wonderful view of the beach! cant get much better then this.

In Fethiye the main town near where we stayed. They had lined one of the main streets with umbrellas to add colour, It was so unusual but stunning at the same time.

Spent two days on boat trips sailing around the islands, This is such a relaxing way to spend the day and getting to swim in the sea.

I know how annoying it is when people show you holiday photos but I have just picked the ones from my instagram just to share with people. Oludeniz in Turkey Is one of my favorite places on earth, I have now been four times as it is so wonderful, The people are so happy and the food is AMAZING! haha that is one of the most important parts.
Olivia x

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