August Favorites

How fast has this month gone?! I can't Believe that It is September already, Part of me is super excited as it means Christmas is soon, However lets look back and see what I have been loving for the past month.

I am super excited for this first one as it is my first ever YSL lipstick. They are really expensive so I debated about buying one for a while. In the end I caved and chose a nude (9), Therefore I can wear it all the time and get a lot of use out of it. And also they have the most amazing scent ever!! I literally want to eat it every time I use it. To me it smells like watermelon and I love watermelon so It just makes the whole lipstick so much better. It is super moisturizing and leaves almost a glossy look without having the annoying stickiness of a gloss.

Sticking with lipsticks I have chosen to place this one in my favorites as I got it in duty free before my holiday and wore it to absolute death. This is now my favorite summer lip colour as it adds a touch of coral but It isn't an 'out there' colour so it is perfect if you like sticking to nudes. I have been wearing this with bronzer and a lot of mascara to keep it looking fresh and colorful.

My next one is one that I have been using a lot this summer, It feels like a moisturizer on this skin and can be worn under makeup without looking greasy. It has an spf or 30 so will protect you from the sun. But the reason why I wanted it the most is the smell, To me this just smells of holiday and coconut.

Wow, I saw loads of other people using this and saying how good it is so I decided to grab one while I was in mac. It leaves your makeup looking flawless and helps it stay in place all day. I spray It on after powder and It leaves my makeup looking really natural. I have also found that it keeps makeup in place all day long even when I'm busy at work which is amazing!

I'm not usually one for using a toner as I usually forget but I have been using this more recently just to freshen up my face if I haven't been wearing makeup. I chose the Effaclar brand because all of my skincare products that I use are also from this brand.

Just go and smell it and you will understand!

I have emptied this strawberry body butter from the body shop as I have been moisturizing to try and keep my tan.

This brow drama keeps my brows in place all day and also helps to define the colour, As well as keeping them natural looking I thought the bigger end would be really hard to use but it actually really helps to get into the hairs and help define them even more.

I have used this before so I thought I would add it to my favorites this month as It adds so much length to my lashes, I have also found that It doesn't look clumpy so it is definitely a winner. The curve on the wand really helps to get into the lashes individually and make them look fluttery and really feminine.

Along with the brow drama I have been using this to create a really natural brow. I love how it comes with a spooly so you can literally just throw it in your makeup bag and take it on the go and have everything you need for your brows. 

I absolutely love this highlighter, Recently I have been loving the natural look with not much makeup and this adds a really nice sheen to the skin leaving you with a healthy glow. A sad fact about this is that I dropped it on marble floor and cracked it everywhere. I managed to get most of it back in but it doesn't look as pretty as it first did.

Though I would add my tangle teaser in as it came in handy on holiday after being in the sea of the pool. 

Olivia x

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