First ever Glossy box

Long time no type, I promised that I would stick to a schedule at the start of September but then going back to sixth form happened and blogging got placed at the bottom of my priorities. BUT I am back and with something new for me. I subscribed to Glossy box after looking at all the options I just decided to chose this one. Not for any reason as they all seemed so similar but anyway continue reading if you want to see what all the fuss is about. 


Firstly I will start with the actual delivery of the box, I placed my order about a week before it arrived which I expected as they told me when. However, when they messaged me to say that It would arrive in 3-5 working days it literally turned up at my door a day later which really surprised me in a good way. So I would give the service 5 stars, Also on-line I found it great that you can set up a profile with all of your hair/skin care/type information so I suppose it can be tailored towards you? I'm not so sure but It is a great Idea if that happens.


I am a sucker for packaging, If something is nicely presented and pretty looking it will automatically grab my attention. I could tell from the box it came in that this would be one of those experiences. The outer box was a really good quality so the products inside were definitely protected. When opened there was a piece of lovely tissue paper wrapped around and tied with a bow so it felt really special and like a gift (Technically that is what it is, a gift to yourself) But receiving this once a month is lovely. Then the products were laid out over some straw like material, The paper shredding that I am sure has a more technical name! All of the small aspects really presents the box in an elegant manner.

From my experience I would recommend this to anyone like me that wants to try new things but maybe doesn't want to spend hundreds every month. For £10 I think it is a genius Idea to get tasters for brands that you may never have hear of before. 

Keep an eye out for my reviews of each individual product that will be up shortly, Until then keep updated on my social media - 

Liv x