Mini Room tour

This was nearly impossible to do, It would be so much easier for a video but as of yet I have not plucked up the courage to delve into the world of YouTube. So for now I will leave you with a verity of images that are trying their hardest to look as artistic as possible.

My room is very colour co-ordinated with pale greens/blues and cream. I chose this to make it appear bigger and open. On my bed I have a tone of pillows that usually end up on the floor or shoved to one side. I also usually have my laptop handy for any sudden blogging inspiration. 

As you will probably notice my room is basically an image from an Ikea magazine, All my furniture is from there and pretty much all of my accessories.

In this stack of cubes, I keep in the cupboards and boxes all of my hair care/tools, socks and any skincare products that I am using. I keep them here as they are always to hand and it keeps them looking neat and tidy. I also keep a variety of nick nacks on the right hand side, These mostly contain trinkets that my granddad bought me or the usual yankee candle.

To the left of my door as you walk into my room is my vanity area, I have my full length mirror and next to it I have a simple desk and a chair. To maximise the girlyness I added this faux fur rug to the ugly desk chair. (also adds comfort)

A collection of things on my desk. This includes a mass amount of makeup and brushes, A plate I found the other day with a few Items that I grab everyday. I also have a candle and this bell that my best friend gave me for christmas, sadly no one ever answers to it when I ring it. I try to keep this space as clutter free as possible and only have a minimal amount of things on display.

In my built in wardrobe I have another set of cubes just to maximise the storage as this is what I use this space for. I also have a collection of DVD's and my colouring books on top. In the boxes I have clothes for other seasons so I have placed some of my summer clothes into them as it is getting colder in england. I also have a box full of camera bits and props that I use for taking photos with. Then in the two top boxes I keep spare beauty products and school things.

On my wall I just hae a vintage looking photo frame with the sample photos still in it. and then on my window I have my small cactus collection in some cute class jars that I found in turkey.

Thankyou guys for checking my new post up, I hop you enjoyed this mini tour, Hardly a tour, more like a decoration post but hey ho. Hope you are all having a wonderful day, dont forget to follow me on my social media!

Olivia x