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Oh hey, Here's another blogger that has the same rustic looking flooring and strategically laid out makeup products all neatly placed. (haha) yes I have decided to show you some of my favorite makeup items at the moment and just tell you a little bit about why I am so in love with them.

For my face makeup I have absolutely fallen In love with the Body Shop all-In-One BB cream, I have never been one to buy makeup from there I usually stick to body things. So I decided to pick this up before my holiday as I hate wearing a thick foundation In the summer. At first it comes out as quite a liquidy consistency and is white. Then as you blend it into the skin it transforms into the selected colour. I got the shade 02 as it is a good colour match for tanned skin. It feel so light on the skin and does not budge all day. I have even worn it at the gym and I walked out looking like I did when I entered. I would give this 5 stars.

Staying with the theme of face products I have also been using the wake me up concealer a lot recently. I didn't use anything special under my eyes before I just used the same thing for the whole of my face. However, This has such a light texture and definitely covers up dark circles. I loved the foundation and this does not disappoint. 

Roller lash has been the only mascara I have been using for a whole two weeks, I usually swap every few days as I get bored of the one I am currently using. Not this time, It adds a tone of length which I am so surprised at as my lashes are not that short but they dont usually hold the curl for more then a few hours. I also fell in love with the plastic wand. Personally I don't have a favorite but I think that it helps to really separate each individual lash and helps add to a more defined and dramatic look.

The last makeup Item I want to talk about Is the Mac soft and gentle, I am sure by now you have all heard how amazing it is and how natural it looks. I used to be one of them people who would not leave the house without looking completely matte. But I saw how amazing this looked on peoples skin so I decided to grab one. It adds the most subtle highlight without leaving you looking like an extra in a twilight film, and when the sun hits it it just makes you glow in a good way. I have had so many compliments from various people telling me how healthy I look whenever I have worn this. For me this is a must in any makeup bag.

Sorry for the rambling, Until next time

Olivia x

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