Halloween Makeup looks/Ideas

This is probably really late because it's 7 o'clock so if you are planning on dressing up or going out you will most likely have your costume and outfit ideas! But anyway I have put together some of the looks I have created over the last month! I have done a few special effects makeup looks and by no means am I suggesting I am a makeup artist, I have only had a week to practice and they are not going to be amazing, but I have really enjoyed the creativity that comes along with it!

Surgery gone wrong



Zombie - Dead person

1st Attempt at Spfx 

Hiding underneath the face

Burns victim or the face being ripped off im not too sure


Cracked doll

White nun from American Horror Story

'Speak no evil' 

Zipped Face mask

When your contour game is strong!;)

As I said I have been playing around with special effects for just 1 week and I am looking forward to getting better as I have bought some more products to use! Hope you have enjoyed and leave a comment or a link as to what you are going as for halloween!

Have a spooky halloween!

Olivia x

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