1 Week Fitness Update

I am Writing this after just returning home from the gym, this is a good start then haha! I set myself a goal at the start of the week to go three times but I had two job interviews so I couldn't go as many times as I originally wanted. 

But oh well twice is close so maybe next week will be better. I am especially proud of myself because I have been by myself both times, I usually go with my mum because I'm not really a massive fan of going to places by myself, Especially the gym where you are essentially showing yourself to everyone Else. But that is ridiculous! whenever I go I never pay attention to anyone Else and even If I do its because I'm wondering if they are judging me. But this week I have changed my mindset, whenever I am at the gym I am doing better then sitting at home eating chocolate.

I have eaten reasonably healthy this week, Lets just ignore the pack of stollen bites that I devoured! But we all deserve a treat at some point right? My goal to myself next week is to go three times a week and not eat anything that is bad for me. Apart from on the weekends I will allow myself a treat then. But as Christmas nears I want to be in tip top condition ready for all the yummy food!

what are your goals for yourself this week? 


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