Being Real

These two pictures are from 4 years ago, I would like to be the same as the picture on the left, This is my lowest dress  size that I have been and my aim is to be able to wear it again

Just been looking back at old blog posts and I realised how many times I tried to start a 'fitness' series. So im going to really try from now on as it is the run up to christmas, this is going to be my final stretch on my weightloss journey. I have now began to realise that I need to stop looking at other people around me as I probably will never look that way, we all have different body shapes and sizes and for christmas I want that to be a present from myself. 

My goal is to be happy with myself at christmas this year, I want to be able to spend it with family eating all of the yummy food without feeling guilty and fat for once. So far this year I have made some changes, I joined a gym at the end of July and so far it has been going well, apart from the last month when I have just felt too ashamed to go. Which is absolutely ridiculous because even when I go I never pay attention to anyone else around me. I also want to start eating better, as the household are on the slimming world programme at the minute I want to start being stricter and not having anything that is remotely bad for me.

I don't eat badly, It's just the odd snack here and there but I feel that it is really holding me back. My time line of this year started off ok from what I can remember, In January I was really happy with myself and from then on it kind of spiraled, towards exam season I really gained weight, mostly from eating so much while revising haha! But since July I have lost 17lbs witch is just over a stone. I have managed to maintain this weight for around a month now but I am going to really push for this final 5 or so weeks until christmas. 

Basically long story short I am going to be posting more fitness related posts in the near future, I will still be posting my usual beauty related posts and nothing will really change. I just want to really motivate myself and If you are doing the same then maybe it can help a few people!

This skirt used to fit perfectly, When I tried it on a few days ago it nearly fell down.
Apologize for the sidewaysness, This was taken around a week ago, Small baby abs!
If you have read this far I apologize for the rambling, I am no way saying that I am a fitness expert but I have found something that works for me and I want to share my progress so at the end I can share with you how much I have lost and look back and see how far I have come.

Olivia x

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