Christmas Gift Guide!

So I apologize for being so unorganised, this is a last minute idea but I wanted to get it up as soon as possible so that people can get everything they need! I have decided to do a christmas gift guide this year, my reason being is that I always struggle when choosing presents for people. I think it is mostly down to the fact everyone has varied taste, Like seriously what do you buy for people who already have everything?  

Another thing is that I was going to buy the things and put it into a post and have pretty pictures and lovely descriptions as to why... BUT I realised that most people I am getting gifts for actually read this... you see my problem? Soooo I ventured into the land that is pinterest, omg I have lost hours scrolling through and making boards and pinning thing, I totally see the obsession people have! (I'm losing my point) My point is that I have created some pin boards of different gift guides that you may find helpful when trying to find a gift for the special someone. 

I have created one for her, him and myself, oh and also a treats collection! I will leave the links and It is up to you which one you browse through, I just thought It would be a nice way to show you what is on offer and maybe show you something that you would have never thought of!

Mostly contains gadgets, cool things and the occasional fashion Item!

As you can tell from my blog it is full of makeup and gift sets with a few surprises!

No, I am not asking for all of this, I have been asked so many times 'what do you want' so I have put together everything that I have seen and liked over the past year into one place, You may also want some of these.

Feeling hungry? 

Hope you get some inspiration and maybe you could try making a pin board, They are so helpful to visualise everything!
Happy shopping 


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