Winter Essentials

So as it has now passed the autumn months and it is heading extremely fast straight for the cold winter. Here are some of the things that help me get through the cold days and the dark nights. For me winter is about being cosy, having hot baths with plenty of bubbles and sampling all of the Christmas drinks that are on offer at this time of year. My favorite so far has been the toffee latte that costa have to offer, seriously if you haven't tried it, go buy one!!

One of the first things I do is stock up on candles, This year I went a little bit crazy as you will see in an upcoming post! I love to go into the Yankee store and see all of the new scents that they bring out every year. I happened to be in Asda the other day when I found a set of 12 tumblers so I grabbed that and it is safe to say I have plenty of candles to last me. For me candles have to be warm and comforting, generally food scented and things that remind me of christmas and all of the yummy treats.

The next thing I do it swap my skin care around, both body and face as the colder weather and the heating inside can play havoc with our skin. I usually opt for a thicker more hydrating routine by introducing plenty of moisturiser to give my skin the well deserved drink it needs. I also like to use a good lip balm, I find they they are just so moisturising and prevents my lips from becoming cracked and dry. 

My lipstick options become warmer and darker, tending to steer towards a berry or red lip, these sort of colours blend in to the festive surroundings perfectly. One of my all time favorites is Mac Rebel, I purchased this last year and I am so gad that I get to start grabbing for it again.

Before moisturising though I like to spend time in a hot bath, Lush is probably one of my most visited stores in the winter months, I find this is the time where I get the most use out of their products. My all time favourite is the comforter bubble bar, it smells heavenly and adds a tonne of bubbles. It is such  good value for money, I usually get 3-4 baths out of this so I would recommend this 100%. Baths are such a relaxing way to heat up after being out in the brisk air or just simply to escape to after a long day and to chill out. 

After the bath I like to put on some cosy pyjamas and cuddle up with a fluffy throw, I have been using this one shown above from primark, It is such good quality and is the snuggliest thing I have ever felt! Laying in bed surrounded by this is like being in heaven, Especially with some ice cream and a film! 

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