October Glossybox

I know, I know It is late, I am so behind and I already have the November box. But! I have been trying these products out for a while month to make sure that I love them and have a real evaluation to give to you. 

I was so excited to see a beauty blender as I had one a while ago but my dog saw it as a toy and it it now no more, so I am really glad to be using one again after all of this time. I usually dampen it and then apply my foundation with my finger in the general area on my face. Then I take the beauty blender and bounce it across my skin, It is really hard to explain but its not like a rubbing motion, more like patting in the foundation. For me this gives the best results and leaves the foundation well blended and flawless.

There were too products this month, A jelly pong pong play paint and  a Lip Ointment in the colour Colour Rhubarb. I have had most use from the Lip Ointment as it is such a lovely colour! Its a lovely rosy pink that looks so natural. However, my only problem is that it isn't like a gloss as I thought it would be, it is more like a lipstick but in a slightly more liquid form. I find that it lasts longer then lipstick and is much easier to apply on the go! The second lip product can also be used on cheeks to add colour, This is so good especially on the go because it takes up far less room and it is two products in one. I was slightly scared of this at first as it is SO pigmented and trust me you literally need the smallest amount otherwise you look like you've escaped from a clown face paint party. I have been getting most use out of this as a cheek product as it applies so smoothly and really blends into foundation to look really natural. I also have loved the packaging, It is so pretty and doesn't look like anything else in my makeup collection.

The fourth gift this month was a highlighting pencil, I have been using this in the inner corners of my eyes, my eyebrow bone and my cupids bow, I find it really hard to use eyeshadow in the corners of my eyes as it really irritates them, So having this instead has really helped me out, I draw it on in the general area and pat it out to blend it in. As for the other places it adds such a lovely highlight while brightening the area of application.

Last but certainly not least is the Photo-Hydra Day moisturiser I have been using this almost every morning recently before putting on my makeup, It feels really silky and almost gel like as it is being applied. It settles in quickly leaving a photo finish base. The packaging is really nice as you can really control how much you are using, you only need to use the smallest amount as a little goes a long way.

Olivia x

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