Face peel?!

I just want to share with you a new product that has entered my skin care collection and changed everything! I have heard of skin peels before and I always assumed that you could only have them done at special places for a massive cost. But I have recently stumbled across the brand Bravura London that sell all things skin care. 

I had a browse of the website and I decided to buy the Salicylic acid 2% chemical exfoliator, I chose this one as it is an effective ingredient for treating oily/acne skin types. My skin can be extremely oily so I was thankful that they had one to target this problem. I have been using this for about a month now, at first I used it every day but It dried my skin out so much and it became painful. So I took a few days off from using it and my skin soon returned to its usual softness. 
I have been using it 3-4 times a week since then and I am so pleased with the results so far. I have noticed that I can wear makeup and it lasts longer and my skin has felt smoother. 
As it is an acid I have been careful when applying it, I use a small bowl and drop one pipette of the liquid in. Then I use a small brush to give an even application across the whole face. I started off by leaving it on my skin for 5 minutes and then over time I have gradually increased it as my skin has become used to it. 

As it is a daily peel it gives better results for congested skin so the results appear quicker. From buying this I didn't get my hopes up as nothing has really worked before, But so far it is going well and I would definitely purchase it again. I have noticed that my T zone is starting to clear and become less oily and my pores have become less visible when I have applied makeup. 

For only £9.59 I have been swept away with how good it is, The bottle is 30ml and I haven't even used half of the acid yet so It is worth the money.

Olivia x

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