November GlossyBox

Back again with another Glossybox review/ looking at what I received, This month was all about going out for part season 'Lipstick to Lashes'. The items the box contained is meant to prepare you for when you need a bit of something extra adding to your makeup look. I have been very happy with this month's box so far, I have only kept four of the products as I already had the MUA palette so I gave that to my best friend as a sort of early Christmas present. 

To kick things off I will mention that I received a full sized Revlon lipstick, This has been my favourite and the one that I have had the most use out of! I am obsessed with the Revlon lip butters so it is nice to finally try some more from the range, I will most definitely be purchasing some of these next time I am in town. I got the shade Pink In The Afternoon 415, It is such a lovely pink/nude colour, perfect for everyday use or if you have a dramatic eye look in the evening and want something slightly muted on the lip. I love the packaging, It is very sleek I am a massive lover of black packaging for makeup, I think it just makes it look 10x more sleek and expensive. As for the product itself, very hydrating, lasts a long time and the pigmentation is very strong. 

Another favourite from this month's box is a body lotion from Royal Apothic. As this comes in the travel size I have been using it on my hands and arms after a shower or before I go out in the chilling weather. It has a slight scent, It reminds me of my Nana, not in an old lady way but it's just the sort of scent she wears. Which is a lovely thing because every time I use it I can think of her. It is very moisturising so it serves its purpose, This time of year my hands get really dry and it can be quite painful so this has come in handy (pun intended) already!

Next up is a primer, useful for if you are going out to parties this time of year, it will ensure that your makeup stays on all night. It is from the brand Emite and is the Diamond Heart Primer, It says it has a lightweight formula with a peachy tone to boost radiance and create a smooth finish. For me I am not a huge fan of primers I have one that I use everyday but I'm not one to test them out regularly so it has been nice to try something new. I have noticed that it does give a healthy glow to the skin when I have used it and it has really made my foundation look natural and radiant. I also love that it doesn't feel like a primer, It feels more like a moisturiser or a lotion so I am going to carry on trying this out and see how I get on with it.

For eyes this month cam some Eylure Naturalites, Meant to give natural volume for the up and coming party season. I love Eylure lashes as they are not heavy on the eyes, because they only have a small strip they just sit on the lashes perfectly. If you are not into lashes but want to look a bit more glam for a night out I would recommend these 100%, You can hardly tell that you have them on, they just make your natural lashes look fuller without adding heaps of volume and length. They would also be perfect for during the day without looking too dramatic.

Another eye product and the last on the list is the MUA undressed eyeshadow palette. As I said before I have given this away as I already have this exact one, as I have had it for a while I will say that if you are a beginner to makeup or you are wanting to expand your collection without spending a fortune I would say try this out. It is a perfect dupe for the naked palette, almost exactly the same and it has amazing pigmentation to say it is a high street palette for only £4. Definitely worth every penny!

Olivia x

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