Small Haul

Just got back from a bit of Sunday afternoon shopping, I threw this post together just to share what I got. I apologise for the quality of the pictures, with the evenings getting darker earlier it was really hard to get decent lighting. 

This actually arrived in the post this morning, I snatched this up on Amazon for over half price! I decided to grab the 100ml because it smells incredible. Lady Gaga perfume has been on of my favourites along with the Britney fantasy range. I would try to describe the scent but I am terrible at explaining aha, So I don't embarrass myself I would just say that it is quite a grown up scent, Intense with a sweet undertone. It is one to wear during the day as it isn't a heavy scent but it would also be perfect for an evening. I also love that the liquid is black!

Found this lovely blanket scarf in Primark for £8, I have been looking for a really thick snugly one for the  brisk weather that has recently surfaced. This one is huge and is sure to keep the heat in.

To go with the scarf I also picked up this woolly hat, I have never really suited hats but I saw this and tried it on a whim and I actually liked how it looked. Massive knitted hats seem to be in this season so I feel like I will fit in! I chose cream because the contrast wasn't as harsh now I have blonder hair and it also matches my scarf perfectly.

Also I chose the Yankee candle in winter garland, This was on sale for a reduction of about £5  so I managed to save some money. I usually prefer really sweet foodie scents such as the Christmas cookie ones. But I smelt this in the shop and it smelt exactly like a hotel I stayed in last year when I went to London and I knew I had to get it. I love scents that bring back memories, especially happy ones. It is very wintry and warming, perfect to light after being out in the cold.

Could not have a shopping tip without going to Costa, I had the tiramisu latte which is amazing! and I also chose to get these sweet winter treats, A lovely little snack for a cosy winter afternoon snuggled up with the new candle on and watching films!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend, don't forget to come back on Monday at 6 o'clock for a new post.  Also next week I will be doing a post everyday about my 5 top picks for 5 categories, one everyday for a week!

Olivia x
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