Top 5 - Face masks

Halfway through my top 5 for five days, Today I am sharing my 5 favourite face masks, I use so many different ones but these are the ones that I turn to if my face is having a bad day. 

I will start off with my origins set of 3 masks, I got this set for a steal last Christmas, I don't know if they are full sized or not but I haven't used even half of any of them yet. I got them in a set for £20 from boots in the sale and I have fallen in love with the brand. The most used is the Out Of Trouble 10 minute mask, this has been designed to rescue problematic skin in its time of need. I use this once a week or when I'm having a particularly bad break out. I find that it just soaks up any excess oil and drys up any unwanted spots, then the next day they are noticeably less angry and the redness has disappeared. It is worth every penny for bad skin days. I leave it on for longer if its really bad, I think this is my skin saviour.

For the in between stage I use the Clear Improvements mask with active charcoal to clear pores, I find it disgusting when I've used this because you can see where it has sucked out all of the grime especially in the T-Zone, I leave this on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. After my skin feels so soft and cleaner.

The last one from this set is the Drink up Intensive overnight mask, I like to use this when I'm having a pamper evening or when my skin is looking a bit lackluster, I find that it really re-hydrates and gives my skin the drink it needs. It very thick and quite heavy but the difference it makes to dry skin is incredible. I put it on 20 minutes before I go to bed to allow it to sink in and by the morning my skin is feeling so plump and fresh it is a miracle worker. 

From the body shop I have been getting the tea tree face mask repeatedly for 3 years, the Little tub lasts for ages and it really helps to fight imperfections, the tea tree instantly cools the face and lifts out the impurities, I would say this is similar to the coal mask from origins as it gives the same results, I love this for a cheaper alternative. It leaves the skin looking radiant after one use and also with a soft super clean feeling! I have about 1 more use out of this tub before I need to go and restock. It is so good for value for money, I use this once or twice a week just to keep my skin happy and it lasts for ages. As it isn't fresh it doesn't dry up either so it is perfect if you want to get a mask but don't necessarily use them all the time.

As you will have probably of heard this masks name before, it is from lush and of course it is the Mask of Magnaminty. A peppermint based mask that fights imperfections and outbreaks on your skin, ensuring that it returns back to its best conditions. The mint leaves your face feeling cold after it's been washed off, Not cold in a bad way it just makes it feel really fresh and like it has had a deep clean. I love the bits in this so when you wash it off it acts as a scrub as well to remove any dirt of trapped grime in the skin. It is like having two products in one but just not as harsh as some facial scrubs. The only bad thing that I hate about this is that It drys out so quickly, It is such a good mask but needs to be used up super fast! Other then that it is my most and my favorite of them all, I love anything from lush so it is perfect that it is so easy to grab hold of. And who doesn't love to look like shrek for 10 minutes?!

What's your favourite mask?

Olivia x