Top 5 - Face products

Face products are one of my favourite areas, to me this is the most important part to get right. As it is that base of the makeup it is essential to get it perfect for the rest to follow on. I have worked over the last two years to get a selection of products that really work for me and that I can get on with.

Foundation is a trial and error for me, I can't stand the feel of it on my face which is totally weird because I love makeup. I tried the l'oreal infallible matte and I fell in love instantly. I am currently on my second tube but they last for ages! I usually prefer to wear a BB cream but for the winter I like to opt for something with fuller coverage. I wouldn't say this is a thick coverage but it is most definitely medium, it covers up anything I don't want to see and anything else will disappear with a touch of concealer. The matte part really does take effect during the day, by the end of the day my skin starts to glow but it isn't the horrible shining look that no one wants to have. I have the shade light vanilla which is such a true match to my skin, I think this really helps to make it blend and look seemless on the skin. To put it to the full test I even wear this at the gym (only because I go after school so I have it on anyway) and it still looks flawless afterwards. I recommend this to everyone who needs or wants to try a new foundation, I honestly can't rate it enough it is my favourite item in my collection.

Sorry about that ramble I just really love it! To set my foundation I use the rimmel stay matte powder. I'm sure by now you have heard so much about this, again with the whole 'I don't like things on my face' I have tried a few other face powders and I couldn't stand how thick they were. I really don't like the ones that are like a second foundation. So for me this is perfect because it is so lightweight on the skin by leaves a perfect finish to the skin and locking any product in place for the whole day. I especially love the price of this, I go through so many so it is great that they are so affordable. I have just been looking in my collection trying to find my favourite products for this post and I actually have 4, 3 that have hit pan majorly but I just can't bear to throw away haha!

For a primer I have been using the Baby Skin instant fatigue blur, I hate the feel of primere on my skin, especially silicone based ones like the benefit porefessional. I think it is because I really detest the feel of anything on my face and because they are quite heavy on the skin it really bugs me. But I found this in my draw and thought I would try it out. It isn't heavy on the skin and glides on gently. It leaves a radiant glow under foundation and makes it blend in seamlessly.

Bronzer/contour is my next most used face product, I use Hoola Bronzer from benefit, this is one of my favorites as it is great to contour with if you are wanting a subtle glow. As it is a bronzer it isn't as dark so it blends into any product onto the face and adds a hit of chiseled cheekbone to the face. I usually add this in a 3 shape around the edge of my face to make it look as shaped as possible. I like the colour it brings to my face while not making me look orange.

The last face product that I use the most is a sleek blush palette in Pink Lemonade, It is the perfect selection rosy pink shades for any of your blushing needs. I like to swirl them together and dust it across my cheeks to add a healthy colour to my cheeks. I don't have much to say abut blush as I rarely use them but this is the perfect compact for if you are traveling and don't know what to take but you will still have a few options.

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