Top 5 - Haircare

This week I have decided to do a post a day showing 5 top things in 5 categories. Pretty self explanatory. I don't use many products in my hair as I never really do anything with it, I have extensions so they are pretty easy to style by just leaving them down, but I have put together my top 5 (my only 5) products that I use.

I will start off with the Frizz Ease Leave in conditioner by John Freeder, I don't have frizzy hair at all but having extensions, they can dry out and loose their bounce. Mine so far haven't as they are good quality but I think it is down to the care that I put into them everyday to keep them looking healthy. I spritz this into my lengths an ends after I have washed it and as you dry your hair it blends in. It doesn't leave it sticky, It makes it super soft and even silkier than just using normal conditioner.

I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, Usually leaving a day in between, 2 if I can push it. I personally hate doing this because I love the feel of freshly washed hair but I don't want to put too much stress onto my hair. So when I have washed it, Before I dry my hair I use the got2b Heat protection spray, I'm not sure why this one specifically, I used other products from the brand that I really love so I decided to pick this up and this one is actually a re-purchase. It lasts ages and smells really nice too so all in all it is a perfectly useful product to have in your collection.

After its been dried I use my got2b Hair Oil, I had this put on my hair at the hairdressers and it smells AMAZING! seriously go try it out. I use 1-2 pumps and run it through the ends of my hair. At first it looks greasy I find but after 10 minutes it looked normal but with added softness. I also like to use this on second day hair just to add the glow back into it when it starts to look dull.

Dry shampoo is a must, My hair gets so greasy very quickly, this is why I am leaving it between washes to try and decrease the oil that my hair seems to produce, So far it seems to be working and it is slowly becoming less of a problem, slowly... I just use Batiste, I have used other brands and I have hated all of the ones I have tried, I just find that if i spray this on, usually till my roots look white, rub in gently and leave it over night. When I wake up my hair looks good as clean, I used to do this in the morning but it doesn't have time to properly absorb and oil. 

Another Batiste product is from their new range, a texture spray, I use this the day I have washed my hair, usually the morning after when my hair is still fresh. My hair is quite limp so I use this at the roots to make it slightly more textured and easier to style, It just helps it to be less silky. Again I have tried others before that have just made my hair feel so heavy and gritty so I will be sticking to this.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I now realise that I tend to stick to brands that I am familiar with, Maybe in the new year I can branch out and try new things. Most of these last me for a good 3-4 months as I don't use the same routine everyday It is simply a matter of if I can be bothered.


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