Top 5 - Skin care

I will Start off with Cleanser because that it the first step in my skincare routine, I tend to use my No7 Beautiful skin melting gel cleanser, I have this because I purchased the No7 Face brush and the lady recommended I use this alongside. I use this on damp skin before the shower and just massage it into the skin, The gel transforms into an oil as soon as you massage it into the skin and gently dissolves makeup and impurities. I usually do this for around 3 minutes really working it into my skin and giving my face a quick massage. Then I rinse it off and you can tell it really works because it comes off usually in the colour of whatever I have had on my face, leaving my face feeling fresh and squeaky clean.

Next I wash my face with the La Roche-Posay Purifying foaming gel for oily sensitive skin. This must be my 4th repurchase of the year, It is on the more expensive side of the face wash but it lasts for absolutely ages, I bought my current one, must have been in September and it is still going strong, I use a pea sized amount, lather it up between my hands and then just wash my face with it. Self explanatory I do this to ensure the may face is super clean and to make sure that everything is off my face completely before bed. I have also noticed that Using this range of skin care has really helped to clear my skin and remove any impurities and keep them at bay.

Now for toner, I use this on and off as I don't have a set routine, usually If I can be bothered or if I remember to use it. I like how this makes my face feel, it is refreshing after washing my face so I usually use it to perk my skin up again. I have used others that make my skin feel really tight and sometimes sticky but this dries and you can't even tell you have used anything on it. Again I use the Effaclar range from La Roche-Posay, It is for clarifying skin so the whole range is to combat impurities which it does very well. If I use the products together for a length of time I do notice a massive difference in the condition of my skin, it practically glows.

Once or twice a week I like to scrub my face to remove anything on it that shouldn't be there, In the winter especially as my skin gets quite dry and I don't want it to be in patches so I use a scrub to really ensure my skin is smooth and healthy. I have been using the Ocean Salt scrub from lush, I love everything from this brand as they are all natural which Is what I try to use on my skin majority of the time. The sea salt is quite harsh on sensitive skin but I have got used to this the more I use it, It has a very fresh scent and just works as a scrub. Some other scrubs that have the beads in don't tend to work for me I find them a bit rubbish and never get the full effect. Whereas since using this I have really noticed it working well.

To add hydration into my skin I have recently been trying out one from simple, the spotless skin anti-blemish moisturiser. It is a very lightweight creamy texture, glides on more like a gel with a cooling sensation. It has Zinc and Chamomile in it which is perfect for calming any angry spots and removing excess oil. It says that you will be able to see results from day one, I like to try out face products for a good two weeks and It has definitely done something for my skin. The combination of products I have now seems to work so I think they are all great. I love this after I have done my whole routine to really add in the moisture and bring my skin back to its healthy state ready for the day ahead.

Olivia x
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