Top Five - Lip Products

I hope you have enjoyed my last four days of 5 things I love, It has come to an end and I really please I managed to complete it on time everyday. For the last one I chose to do the most colourful one and it is the subject of lip products. I haven't chosen a specific lipstick or lip choice but I am going to do the form that they come in so I hope you find it useful.

My first favourite is actually the giant pencil, Chubby stick type lip products, I have around 10 of these from a selection of different brands ranging from low to high end and I just think they are amazing and so universal. They are easy to throw into a bag and touch up you lip needs throughout the day. Packaging is a great one for these as well as most brands do them in the colour of the product so they are so easy to see and know strait away which option to go for. I like that you don't have to be as precise as when applying a lipstick because they aren't usually as opaque so they are especially good if you don't have a mirror to hand.

Next is obviously lipsticks, who doesn't! I had so many to chose from which is why I am doing it like this but I personally see them as an accessory, Like  necklace or a pair of earrings because they really help to bring an outfit together. There are many options colour wise so can be matched to an outfit or to make a statement. Personality wise I think it helps that shine through because you can make it as vibrant as you wish or as simple. They are much easier to experiment with and play around with compared too other forms of makeup and they are just a great addition to any collection.

Lip glosses, I have never been a huge fan of these as I hate when it's a windy day and hair just gets stuck to it constantly. But ignoring that they are soooo good for making your lips look super juicy and glossy obviously. A trick I use personally is applying on to the inner of my lips to make them appear larger and more voluminous. 

Lip Balm is essential for me in winter time as my lips get so dry. The ones that come in stick form are much more convenient as I don't like sticking my finger into the pots and having sticky hands for the rest of the day. I usually get scented ones to spice things up a bit. A few of my favorites that I use everyday can be found from Burt's Bees and Nivea, For me they are the best brands that I go to everyday for a really hydrating product

I'm not sure if it is a category or if I'm cheating a bit but I love the lip products that make your lips tingle and essentially make them bigger. The ones from Soap and Glory are my favourite I find that they make my lips all warm and fuzzy when I have applied it which is just so different to any other product. And perfect for a pout haha!

What are your favorite lip products?

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